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As specialists in their field, our doctors will brighten your smile whether it’s a check-up or an emergency. We are at your service for any of your dental needs, offering a wide range of professional procedures. Save time and find a time slot that will suit your schedule with our easy to use online booking form.

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Our patients are important to us and we value their time. We aim to provide a flexible schedule that will be able to accommodate all of our clients. Make an appointment with Barrie dentist using our online form.
For dental emergencies, we accept same day walk-in appointments because we understand that things like severe pain and knocked out teeth can’t wait.

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5.0 81 reviews

  • Avatar Meaghan Lachance ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I love Simcoe Family Denistry!!! They have helped me fix all of my broken teeth for a decent price! I love the staff and Dr. Mikal! They are very friendly and welcoming
  • Avatar Paige Weir ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    I walked into this office a mess! Broken tooth, unable to eat, for about a week.
    I was about to rip out my own tooth I was in so much pain!.
    Dr Mikhail saw me right away.
    … More Took care of my nightmare tooth and had me eating again within the week!.
    There was no judgment from any of the staff.
    There were no lectures about not being able to financially prioritize my dental health over many years.
    Instead, Dr Mikhail gave me fantastic advice on how to properly take care of my teeth at home. Without knowing if I would even become a permanent patient in the long run. He gave me solid tips on how to heal myself without any costly dental intervention.
    One year later, that advice has left my mouth the healthiest it has ever been.
    We’re still working on repairing the damage caused by years of malnutrition. No pressure, and complete understanding of the long lasting damage caused by anorexia.
    If you’re looking for a dentist that is sensitive, non judgmental, and puts your health an wellbeing before any financial gain. This guys the one!
    For the first time in 30 years I’m able to walk into a dentist office with my head held high. No need to feel ashamed of what has brought me to where I am now.
    Thank you SO VERY MUCH Dr Mikhail and team!
    You’ve changed my perspective on dental care and have made me feel beyond comfortable and welcome.
  • Avatar Andrew Lukachko ★★★★★ a month ago
    Best dentist I have had. Absolute Professional
    Mikhail fully understands how to diagnose and perform most procedures including wisdom teeth removal. I was so confident in
    … More his work I was able to do the procedure without gas and I was more interested in the process then the "what if's". Painless and competent on all procedures
    Mikhail team is well seasoned including all the hygienist, they know how to be quick, but thorough on exams, and give appropriate and effective feed back during and after cleaning
    I have gone through 4 dentists prior to having the pleasure to have Mikhail takeover the practice. I have always struggled with my dental hygiene and hated most procedures that were performed and had multiple repeat visits to fix questionable work prior to Mikhail taking over.
    Positive bedside manner and more like a friend then atypical dentist. 100% effective rate with work performed, easily Top 1% of dentist in Simcoe / GTA
  • Avatar Polina Svitskaya ★★★★★ a month ago
    I highly recommend this office. I first visited them during the initial Covid closure when they only accepted emergency patients. Dr. M made me feel so comfortable and calm. … More I had fear of dentist since I can remember.
    Dr. M is very professional, humble and pleasant to be around. The staff is absolutely amazing : Bonny, Janet, Sarah.....these ladies are out of this world. They remember you, they remember your story. They make you feel so comfortable.
    The clinic has an amazing response time for any appointment, calls, emails, concerns etc. They have a pretty cool reminder system for your upcoming appointment. I absolutely love it. You receive email and text, so you cannot miss it. I moved from Barrie to Scarborough, but I still drive up just be in their good hands.

Meet Our Clinical Staff

Janet Geisel, RDH

Janet Geisel, RDH

Office Manager, Hygienist

Graduate of Georgian College School of Health and Wellness, 2013, with an Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene.

Mikhail Pliousnine, DDS

Mikhail Pliousnine, DDS


Mikhail has received his dental degree at School of Dentistry, University of California San Francisco.

Sarah Wade, CDA II

Sarah Wade, CDA II

Administrator, Dental Assistant

Graduate of Canadore College as a CDA level II in 2001, with a passion for both the clinical and administrative aspects of the dental field.

Bonnie Harkness, CDA II

Bonnie Harkness, CDA II

Dental Assistant

Bonnie graduated with honors from Everest College as a CDA Level II in 2010.

Nina Oleksynova

Nina Oleksynova

Front Desk Administrator

Nina graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in the Biomedical Sciences program.

Hollie Hambleton, RDH

Hollie Hambleton, RDH


Hollie graduated from Georgian College School of Health and Wellness in 2012 with a diploma in Dental Hygiene.

All Ages Dental Care

At Simcoe Family Dentistry we are proud to provide service to clients of all ages for your family’s convenience.

Same Day Emergency

Dental emergencies can be unbearable. We accept same day appointments because emergencies don’t wait and neither do we.

All Insurance Accepted

We bill your insurance company directly for your convenience, so at your appointment you only pay for what isn’t covered.

Digital X-ray Format

With significantly less radiation than film x-rays, digital x-rays allow us to stay vigilant and up to date on your oral health.

Our Philosophy

Accepting all members of the community

At Simcoe Family Dentistry we are proud to deliver a family oriented approach, catering to clients of all ages. We provide the convenience of having your health and oral care taken care of by familiar and trusted doctors that get to know the dental history of your whole family, all in one place.
Our goal is to give outstanding services to families and individuals in the Simcoe County community and stand on guard for the oral care of all.

Walk-In Dental Clinic

Treating all types of dental emergencies

Unlike other dental clinics in Barrie, Simcoe Family Dentistry accepts same day walk-in appointments for dental emergencies. While going to a hospital is a good bet when you have severe pain or knocked out teeth, a dentistry is better equipped to treat oral health issues and can offer more treatment options than a regular emergency room. For this reason we are here to help in any dental emergency, for your health and convenience.

Family Dentist in Barrie

Dentistry for the whole family

Simcoe Family Dentistry is accepting patients of all ages. Having families of our own, we understand the convenience of having one clinic taking care of the whole family and tracking their oral health history in one place. Our Barrie dentists and hygienists are experienced in working with children and know the right approach to take in any situation.

We Offer Complete Dental Services

When you have severe pain or another time-sensitive issue like a knocked out tooth there’s no time to waste on scheduling and waiting for an appointment. Getting immediate treatment can be the difference between losing or saving your natural tooth. That is why we take same day walk-in emergency dental appointments for extractions, missing teeth, root canals, crowns, tooth pain and oral surgery.

Your tooth ache may be coming from a decayed or fractured tooth, or an infection in the root canal. If the tooth pain is extreme it is recommended you visit a dentist right away before the problem escalates to affect your general health. Depending on the situation an emergency extraction or oral surgery may be required.

As a cosmetic dentistry, we offer a full range of procedures to give you the brilliant, white smile you deserve! From teeth whitening, to dental implants – we do it all. Crowns, bridgework and implants can help restore a full smile to those with missing or damaged teeth. With these procedures, your implant or crown will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth but you will have full function in talking, chewing and smiling.

Professional whitening is more effective than drugstore whitening kits by a long shot. Not only are results much more effective but they also last longer and it is safer for your teeth and gums to get whitening done in a professional environment. We have in-office and convenient at-home whitening solutions available.

For your continued oral health we recommend regular check-ups, cleanings and x-rays. A comprehensive oral exam should be carried out every few years and any time you have a major change in your health. This exam is done as a diagnostic and preventative measure to ensure that existing problems are dealt with and future ones are prevented.

Digital x-rays are a useful tool for checking the state of your teeth, gums and jaws, and are much safer and faster than traditional x-rays. Getting professional teeth cleanings is an important part of oral hygiene and preventing tooth decay. Paying a visit to a hygienist every 6 six months is a great way to ensure your oral health is monitored and your smile stays plaque-free and pearly white!

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