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We Supply Your Custom Dentures

At some point in your life, you may need dentures. While a new denture can make an aesthetic improvement to your smile, well-fitting dentures are also important to properly chew and speak.

That’s why it’s important to find a dental clinic that works closely with a denturist. At Simcoe Family Dentistry, we work with an experienced denturist that can custom make quality dentures for your comfort. This includes conventional and implant supported dentures, which we’ll explain.

Dentures That Fit Your Individual Needs

These aren’t your grandparent’s dentures! Modern dentures look and feel more authentic than dentures of the past, while also being strong and durable.

Advances in the field means there are new options available depending on your needs.

Implant supported overdenture are a good choice if you still have an adequate bone structure in your jaw. This type of denture does not rely on adhesives as many other dentures do. Instead, implants into the bone reliably hold your dentures in place.

While staying firmly in your mouth because of anchorage from the implants, you can quite easily remove these dentures for cleaning and maintenance.

Tooth supported partial dentures make use of your existing teeth as anchors to keep the dentures in place. This option is available to you if you have some teeth that are strong and healthy enough to support the extra forces of a partial denture.

You can expect these types of dentures to be comfortable, as they do not rest solely on the gum and jawbone. Our professionals will ensure the dentures are fitted properly, helping restore your confidence and quality of life.

Our dental office can let you know all of the options available to you!

Smile Confidently With Implant Supported Partial Dentures

While the dentures that your grandparents wore might’ve slipped when talking or chewing, you won’t have to worry when you have overdentures with implants.

These dentures stay firmly in place without the need for adhesives that can be messy and unreliable. They also help you retain existing bone and gum tissue by stimulating your jawbone.

All on 4 or Teeth in a Day

Another option that may be available to you if you require all of the teeth to be replaced is a fixed denture that is not removable. This option involves 4-6 implants placed on each arch with a lab fabricated full arch of teeth including acrylic “gum tissue” permanently fixed to the implants resulting in a natural looking and functional smile.

This option does not require any special cleaning or care at home other than regular brushing, but will require you to come in once per year to have the fixed dentures removed and the implants and dentures professionally cleaned.

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