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Gum therapy (professional dental hygiene treatment or cleaning) can help contribute to a beautiful smile and good oral hygiene needs to be maintained for your continued periodontal (gum) health. Here at Simcoe Family Dentistry in Barrie, we serve the surrounding areas of Innisfil, Midhurst, Midland, Muskoka and Collingwood by ensuring your gums are kept in great condition. If you have an emergency, we take same-day appointments and can also give you the knowledge you need to form good oral hygiene habits.

What is Gum Disease?

Periodontitis and gingivitis are gum diseases which are the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. A lot of people have some form of gum disease without even knowing it and this is either due to ignoring the warning signs or not knowing what the symptoms of gum disease are. Gums that are swollen and bleed easily are irritated by built up soft and hard plaque on the teeth. When plaque builds up and hardens on your teeth beneath your gum, it destroys the supporting structures including surrounding bone and will eventually lead to tooth loss.

Gum Therapy and Treatment

To make sure your teeth maintain good bone support and your gums are healthy preventative dentistry is recommended but if the issue is too far gone surgical and non-surgical therapy are available options.

Non-surgical gum therapy involves a deep cleaning below the gum line to rid your teeth of the bacteria causing harm to your gums. Both of our hygienists are certified in laser treatment, which is very helpful in non-surgical periodontal therapy. Laser bacterial reduction involves introducing the laser around the gums, killing bacteria under the gum line and allowing the immune system to effectively reduce the inflammation associated with the build up of bacteria.

In the event that surrounding bone has already been severely destroyed, surgical gum therapy may be the only option and may include gum and bone grafting. Surgical periodontal therapy is completed with the use of local anesthetic for the comfort of the patient.

How to Prevent Gum Disease?

In order to prevent gum irritation, routine appointments are recommended for the comprehensive cleaning of bacteria from your teeth. It is hard to ensure the deep pockets between your tooth and gums are clean at home, and as a preventative dentistry measure it is suggested you visit your dentist regularly. Gingivitis and periodontitis, both which involve the inflammation of the gums, can also be prevented by keeping up good oral hygiene at home.

Thorough daily flossing and brushing your teeth will help remove bacteria from your teeth and prevent the build-up of plaque. This will also avoid the separation of your teeth from your gums by preventing the growth of large pockets of space filled with bacteria. Your dentist may also prescribe rinses and antibiotics in some cases. It is important to stop periodontal disease in its early stages before you risk losing your tooth. Regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist as well as an active dental hygiene routine at home can help you avoid severe gum problems.

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