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Oral surgery can sometimes be an urgent matter, determining whether you can save your natural tooth or not. With today’s modern technology and sedation options, what some may think is a complicated and serious procedure can actually be a comfortable and pain-free experience. If your dentist recommends oral surgery it is best not to delay, as oral issues that are left untreated can get worse and can even affect your overall health.

There are many different reasons why someone might require oral surgery, but if it’s an emergency Simcoe Family Dentistry accepts same day walk-in appointments. Located in Barrie, we also accept patients from Innisfil, Orillia, Midland and Collingwood.

Why You Might Need Oral Surgery

Although it might sound daunting, most oral surgeries are actually quite routine and common. Compared to other surgeries, oral surgeries have a faster healing period of one to two days and usually only require local anaesthesia but may also use sedation or laughing gas.

This safe dental procedure is commonly carried out when you are trying to improve your oral health by extracting a tooth which is fractured, decaying or is so damaged that it cannot be saved. Emergency oral surgery is preformed to alleviate pain associated with your dental issue, and to prevent damage to the surrounding teeth and gums.

When Oral Surgery is Needed

Crowded Teeth

Oral surgery may be performed for different reasons, including when your teeth are too crowded and your jaw is too small to accommodate all of them. In this case a pain free tooth extraction is performed to create space so the rest of your teeth can be straight and you can have a beautiful smile.

Dental Implants

In another case, oral surgery may be needed to prepare for a new tooth in the form of a dental implant. The benefit of having a dental implant is hiding the empty space left by a missing tooth and while enjoying the same function and appearance as your natural teeth.

Gum Recession

Oral surgery can also be conducted on the surroundings of your teeth. For example, periodontal surgery aids in repairing gum recession. Receding gums expose the root of your tooth, thereby increasing the chances of infection, decay and cause lots of sensitivity to cold. Periodontal surgery on your gums can help prevent that, along with the use of a fluoride solution that can help slow sensitivity.

Bone Loss

Tooth supporting bone is another area which can benefit from oral surgery. In the event of bone loss, bone can be returned with bone grafting using lab processed materials, giving people who do not have usable natural bone an opportunity to restore their smile.

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