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A dental implant can effectively fill the gap when one or more teeth are missing. Whether you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident or it needed to be removed, Simcoe Family Dentistry has you covered for dental implants in Barrie and the surrounding areas.

Don’t let a missing tooth hold you back! Dental implant surgery is a safe procedure that can help to restore your smile to its full potential – allowing you to chew, talk and smile with complete confidence.

What Is A Dental Implant

A dental implant or tooth implant services is a dental surgery procedure specifically designed to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It comprises of three parts: the small titanium rod that screws into your bone, an abutment which holds the crown, and the crown itself. The result is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth and, as long as you are a candidate, is the gold standard in replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Our expert team with advanced facilities, will deliver you quality dental care at our dental implants clinic.


Ensuring You Have Sufficient Bone


Our dental implant surgery center offers a two-stage process that typically takes around 4-6 months to complete. This meticulous approach ensures better results and is conducted by our experienced team of dental professionals. Before you begin, we will determine if you have sufficient bone to support the implant by sending you for a 3D scan, as the bone under a missing tooth naturally shrinks over time. If there isn’t enough bone in width or in height, we may recommend a procedure known as bone grafting. Bone grafting will increase the strength of existing bone so that it may support an implant. It may take a few months for the bone grafting material to be strong and stable enough to proceed to the next step. This 3D scan also gives the dentist the opportunity to plan the surgery. At Simcoe Family Dentistry, Dr. Mikhail uses the scan to create a template or surgical guide for precise selection and placement of the dental implant as part of our comprehensive Dental Implants Services.

Placing the Implant

The dental implant surgery procedure begins with a surgical placement of the titanium screw into your jaw which serves as the replacement for the root part of your tooth. Surprisingly, this is a painless procedure as the bone lacks sensation. The area is well numbed with local anesthetic, making the procedure virtually pain free. There will be a waiting period during which the implant needs to fuse, or integrate, to the bone. While this healing occurs, you may receive a temporary crown depending on where the implant is located in the mouth.To ensure secure attachment of the implant, it’s important to avoid exerting force on it, such as chewing or clenching your teeth. As a result, your temporary crown may be shorter than the surrounding teeth. Chewing away from the implant is advised to facilitate proper attachment and healing. This healing process typically takes a few months.

Attaching the Crown

Once your dental implant is securely in place, the next step is attaching your permanent crown. This can be done either directly onto the implant or via an abutment. At our dental implant clinic, this method allows for the replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth using a 3-unit or more bridge. Once your crown is attached, you will be pleasantly surprised by how natural it looks and feels. If you are considering an implant, please inform us during your next dental appointment. We will discuss all the available options to replace your missing tooth and find the right solution for you.

Say goodbye to missing teeth and regain your confident smile with Simcoe Family Dentistry. Schedule a consultation today and experience the difference we can make!

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