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A dental implant can help fill the gap of one missing tooth or several after they are knocked out or after a tooth extraction. In either case, Simcoe Family Dentistry has you covered in Barrie region.

Don’t let a missing tooth hold you back. Find a solution with a reliable and recommended dental implant tooth replacement! Dental implants are safe and pain-free procedures that help restore your smile to its full potential, allowing you to chew, talk and smile with full function. Our dental clinic in Barrie accepts same day walk-in appointments, and invites patients from surrounding areas.

What Is A Dental Implant

A dental implant can be an emergency or cosmetic dentistry procedure consists of three parts: the small titanium rod that gets attached to your bone, an abutment which holds the crown and the crown itself. The result is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth and is the closest thing to a real tooth, it will look and work just like one.

How It’s Done

Ensuring You Have Sufficient Bone

To ensure a job well done and a dental implant that will last you many years, this procedure happens in two parts and can take around 4 months. Before you begin your dentist will determine if you have enough bone to hold the implant, as the bone under a missing tooth naturally shrinks over time. If there is not enough a procedure called bone grafting can restore sufficient bone to go ahead with the dental implant. It may take a few months for the bone grafting material to be strong and stable enough.

Installing the Implant

The procedure begins with a surgical placement of the titanium rod into your gum which acts as the replacement for the root part of your tooth. Surprisingly, this a painless procedure since the bone does not have feeling and most patients report most discomfort during extraction. The gum site gets frozen so the implant going in cannot be felt. There will a waiting period during which the implant needs to fuse to the bone. While this happens you will have a temporary crown to protect the implant. Exerting force on the implant like chewing or clenching your teeth can prevent it from attaching securely and it will have to be removed. Your temporary crown will be shorter than the rest of your teeth and you will be advised to chew away from it to allow proper attachment. This may take a few months.

Attaching the Crown

Finally, once your implant is secured in place your permanent crown will be attached either directly onto the implant or via an abutment. This implant method works for replacing a single tooth and also two implants can be installed to replace three teeth, with an additional one in between that doesn’t require an actual implant and is held by its neighbours.

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