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At Simcoe Family Dentistry, when it comes to root canals we focus on preventive dental care approaches. As part of these services, our professionals offer dental root canal therapy and emergency root canal treatment to the residents of Barrie and the surrounding area. Many people have misconceptions about what root canal treatment or therapy entails, often worrying that it is painful.

Dental root canal therapy, overseen by our dentist experienced in root canals, aims to relieve tooth pain and save the affected tooth. Even though it may require a longer appointment compared to other procedures, the discomfort of the procedure can be compared to that of getting a filling. Once it has been diagnosed that you require root canal treatment, this procedure must be completed on time. If left untreated, an infected tooth can shift surrounding teeth, potentially leading to bite problems and increasing pain levels. Opting for emergency treatment of root canals not only attempts to save your tooth but also helps you avoid the uncomfortable tooth extraction process. Dental root canal therapy can also help prevent the infection from spreading further into your jaw and reduce the possibility of systemic infection. Our root canal dentist is here to guide you through the procedure, prioritizing your comfort and health.

What Is A Root Canal?

A dental root canal therapy is the name of the procedure in endodontics, but also the part of the tooth that receives treatment. The root canal is a tunnel inside the tooth that holds blood vessels, nerves and other soft tissue. This passageway may get infected if the tooth structure is compromised due to a fracture or deep cavities.

Typically, patients complain of pain or the tooth feeling “high” when a tooth might require a root canal. These symptoms often result from an infection at the root base that applies pressure to surrounding tissues and may cause tooth displacement. In such cases, emergency root canal treatment is usually recommended to relieve these symptoms. A root canal procedure combined with antibiotics solves the problem by removing infection and relieving tooth pain.

How It’s Done

Before the treatment, the root canal dentist in Barrie will numb the area so you do not feel tooth pain. They may offer anti-anxiety medication or conscious sedation, such as laughing gas (nitrous oxide), if you are nervous. The actual procedure involves the dentist making a small hole through which tiny tools enter the tooth and clean the root canal of diseased or dead tissue. The area is then sanitized, biocompatible material is inserted into the root canal, and the hole is sealed. Post-procedure discomfort usually subsides within a few days and can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers. Root canal therapy in Barrie helps save the tooth from needing extraction.

Emergency Care

If you are experiencing tooth pain and require a same-day appointment to alleviate your pain, please contact our office at Simcoe Family Dentistry. Our team will evaluate your condition and determine whether your treatment options include the use of root canal treatment in Barrie. We’re committed to ensuring your comfort. As a comprehensive dental office in Barrie, we’re here to address all your dental needs, including root canal treatment.

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