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At Simcoe Family Dentistry we provide exceptional dental care, including emergency root canal therapy in Barrie and the surrounding area. Many people have misconceptions about what root canal therapy entails, often worrying that it is painful.

In fact, root canal therapy actually relieves your tooth pain, saves your tooth and while typically a much longer appointment, the discomfort of the procedure can be compared to that of getting a filling. Once it has been diagnosed that your tooth requires a root canal, it is imperative that this procedure is completed in a timely manner. Left untreated, an infected tooth can shift surrounding teeth, cause bite problems and can get very painful. Getting an emergency root canal saves your tooth and also saves you the uncomfortable process of having to extract the tooth. It also prevents the infection from spreading further into your jaw and reduces the possibility of systemic infection.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is the name of the procedure, but also the part of the tooth that receives treatment. The root canal is a tunnel inside the tooth that holds blood vessels, nerves and other soft tissue. This passage way may get infected if the structure of the tooth is compromised due to a tooth fracture or to extensive, or deep, cavities.

Typically, patients complain of pain or of the tooth feeling “high” when a tooth needs a root canal because the infection at the base of the root actually causes pressure to the surrounding tissues as well as sometimes pushing the tooth up and out of the socket. A root canal procedure combined with antibiotics solves the problem by removing infection and relieves the tooth pain.

How It’s Done

Before the root canal, your dentist will numb the area so you do not feel tooth pain, and may offer anti-anxiety medication or conscious sedation such as laughing gas (nitrous oxide) if you are nervous. The actual procedure involves your dentist making a small hole through which tiny tools enter the tooth and clean the root canal of tissue that is diseased or dead. The area is then sanitized, bio-compatible material is inserted into the root canal and the hole is sealed. Any post-procedure discomfort will go away within a few days, and can be resolved by taking over the counter pain killers. Root canal therapy saves the tooth from needing extraction, and the tooth’s lifespan can last as long as any of your other teeth with proper care and with the protection of a crown.

Emergency Care

If you are experiencing tooth pain and require a same day appointment to get you out of pain, please contact our office. We will determine if your treatment options include a root canal and we will make sure you are out of pain. Simcoe Family Dentistry is the Barrie dental office able to address all dental needs!

Early and late hours available!


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