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Digital x-rays are a helpful modern tool used in diagnosing and preventative dentistry. It is a safe, pain-free, fast and convenient way to spot a dental problem before it gets serious, and they are widely used throughout dental clinics.

Simcoe Family Dentistry uses the panoramic x-ray, which some clinics don’t have, as a diagnostic tool for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Located in Barrie, we also serve patients from Innisfil, Collingwood, Muskoka and Orillia offering routine procedures such as digital x-rays.

What Is A Digital X-Ray?

Digital x-rays, also called digital radiology, use x-ray technology to take an image using sensors which are placed inside the mouth. Dental clinics use this diagnostic equipment to check your oral health for things like gum disease, sores, cavities, infection, decay, abnormal growths and to determine the causes of tooth pain. In the event of a dental emergency when you are experiencing severe pain, a digital x-ray may be taken to give a diagnosis.

Panoramic X-Rays

This type of x-ray gives a full head view including the lower and upper jaws, teeth and everything around them. Not all offices have this, and it is useful for checking bone levels, jaw joints and growth and developmental issues such as wisdom teeth eruption or crowded teeth which may need a referral to an orthodontist.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Decreased Radiation

There are several benefits to digital radiology compared to traditional x-rays. The most obvious and beneficial is the decrease in radiation experienced by the patient. With digital x-rays radiation is decreased up to 90%, which is especially important for children who are more vulnerable to radiation than adults. Our dental clinic provides lead aprons with a thyroid collar for your protection.

Clearer Images and Faster Access

Another benefit is better image quality and a faster result. Dentists are able to get a clearer image, allowing them to detect the problem easier and go without taking extra x-rays. This is especially useful for detecting small cavities which might otherwise go unnoticed and allows your dentist to implement fast treatment before they get larger.

Ease of Use

With the digital format x-rays are available faster, which is vital during dental emergencies, and can be easily shared online and stored without the risk of losing them. It is also easier for a dentist to explain and point out the dental problems detected to the patient, giving them a better understanding of their oral health and allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding their treatment options.

Benefits Vs. Risks

As with any x-ray, digital radiology still exposes a patient to radiation even though the amount is greatly reduced. Digital x-ray images are continued to be routinely taken because the wealth of information that can be obtained is worth the small amount of exposure. Radiation is dangerous when cumulative, therefore x-rays are taken rarely and only when absolutely necessary. Little risk is posed to patients who rarely get x-rays, and it is even smaller when using digital x-rays. There is more risk associated with dental problems being left undetected and untreated, and that is why digital x-rays are so useful.

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