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Embrace a New Smile: Custom-Made Dentures

The need for tooth and implant overdentures can arise at any point in one’s life. More than just a cosmetic enhancement, quality dentures offer the comfort and function necessary for proper chewing and speech. That’s why choosing a dental clinic that collaborates closely with a denturist is essential. At Simcoe Family Dentistry, our team is equipped to create high-quality, personalized dentures, including traditional and advanced implant-supported dentures.

Experience the Perfect Fit: Custom Dentures for You

Forget about the outdated dentures of yesteryears! Today’s dentures, including tooth supported overdentures, are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, offering an authenticity that surpasses older models. Their enhanced strength and durability are testimony to the leaps in dental advancements. Let us help you explore these innovative options tailored to your unique dental needs.

Implant supported denture are a good choice if you still have an adequate bone structure in your jaw. This type of denture does not rely on adhesives as many other dentures do. Instead, implants into the bone reliably hold your dentures in place. While staying firmly in your mouth because of anchorage from the implants, you can quite easily remove these dentures for cleaning and maintenance.

Tooth supported partial dentures make use of your existing teeth as anchors to keep the dentures in place. This option is available to you if you have some teeth that are strong and healthy enough to support the extra forces of a partial denture. You can expect these types of dentures to be comfortable, as they do not rest solely on the gum and jawbone. Our professionals will ensure the dentures are fitted properly, helping restore your confidence and quality of life.

Our dental office can let you know all of the options available to you!

Recent Advancements in Tooth and Implant Overdentures

While the dentures that your grandparents wore might’ve slipped when talking or chewing, you won’t have to worry when you have overdentures with implants. With the innovative implant-supported dentures, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience that doesn’t involve the messy and inconsistent use of adhesives. In addition, these also help you retain existing bone and gum tissue by stimulating your jawbone.

Complete Dental Transformation with All-on-4 Technique

Our dental team coupled with years of experience, makes acquiring fixed implant dentures or All-On-4 a remarkably seamless process. For most patients, this transformative journey unfolds within a single appointment. An All-on-4 technique ensures a full arch teeth replacement. This option involves 4-6 implants placed on each arch with a lab fabricated full arch of teeth including acrylic “gum tissue” permanently fixed to the implants resulting in a natural looking and functional smile. With minimal at-home care and an annual professional clean-up, embark on a hassle-free journey to a radiant smile at Simcoe Family Dentistry. Imagine the excitement of walking into our clinic with missing, painful, or visually unappealing teeth, and leaving just a few hours later with a revitalized, attractive smile!

At Simcoe Family Dentistry, we provide an array of denture options, including implant-supported dentures, tooth-supported overdentures, over dentures with implants, and snap-on overdentures. Our dental team guides you through each solution, helping you choose the one that suits your unique needs. We’re committed to crafting the right dentures that meet your expectations, delivering a flawless smile you can wear with confidence.

If you’re ready to reinvent your smile and enhance your oral health, reach out to Simcoe Family Dentistry today!

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