Dry Mouth And Your Risk For Cavities

Dry Mouth And Your Risk For Cavities

A common complaint we hear almost daily from patients involves the discomfort of having a chronic dry mouth. If you have experienced this condition before, you know just how uncomfortable it is. Today we are going to look at what causes it and the side effects that occur as a result of not producing enough saliva, and what you can do to get some relief.

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, can be caused by many things. Certain medications, medical conditions such as Sjogren’s Syndrome and cancer treatments are a few of the causes of major dry mouth.  As we age we can also become more susceptible. 20% of the population has experienced symptoms related to a dry mouth!

While the main complaint we hear involves discomfort, it does have other complications. Your saliva plays a role in preventing cavities by neutralizing the pH of your mouth.  Without enough saliva, you are at a very high risk of developing cavities. Saliva is also the first step of digestion when you are eating. You may notice that it is more difficult to communicate as saliva helps lubricate the mouth and aids in speech. Finally, having a dry mouth puts you at a greater risk for oral conditions such as canker sores and even gingivitis.


How can you manage the symptoms of dry mouth?


Products for dry mouth

  • Drink lots of water
  • Chew gum or suck on mints without sugar and that contain xylitol
  • Use a product such as Xylimelts are made by OraCoat (found at Shoppers Drugmart)
  • See your dental professional more frequently, we recommend every 3 months
  • Regularly use a high fluoride rinse
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods

Most importantly, please talk to your oral healthcare provider! We can help you manage your symptoms to provide you greater comfort and lower your risk for cavities and oral lesions. Give us a call today!

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