Flossing – Do I Have To???

The CDA reports that while 73% of the population brushes twice per day, only 28% are regularly flossing. Could this be due to the (highly inaccurate) report back in 2016 that flossing was not beneficial to your oral health? Or is it just because most people hate the feeling of string wrapped around the fingers and two hands trying to maneuver the floss between the teeth? Regardless of the reason, our population is not flossing enough in general to help remove plaque and bacteria that cause cavities from between the teeth.

It can be estimated that by not flossing, you are missing cleaning up to 35% of your tooth surfaces. We would be willing to bet that if you asked any dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant, they will tell you that they floss every day! This is because they see first hand the benefits of removing plaque and bacteria from between the teeth. When you start flossing daily you can expect to see a reduction in bleeding as well as pinker, more firm gum tissues.

Benefits of Flossing:

  • Remove more cavity and gum disease causing bacteria
  • Improves bad breath
  • Prevents cavities from occurring between the teeth
  • Prevents gum disease

Stay tuned for a future blog introducing you to ways to clean between your teeth without using floss!