Dental Emergencies And Sports

Dental Emergencies And Sports

Dental emergencies happen in Barrie every day. Chipped or broken teeth, swelling and pain on biting are very common complaints when a patient comes into our office with a dental emergency. With the start of fall is the beginning of many sports seasons including hockey and karate. In the months where contact sports are played more frequently, more of our dental emergencies are related to sports being played without adequate tooth protection.

Who should wear mouth protection (a mouthguard)?

Anyone playing a sport that would put them at risk for injury to the head or teeth. Hockey, karate, martial arts and ball hockey are all great examples of sports that could result in injury.

What does a mouthguard protect me from?

A mouthguard will protect you from chipped and fractured teeth, knocked out teeth and will also provide some protection against concussion.

What types of mouthguards are available?

There are two types of mouthguards available. The first is a “boil-and-bite” type purchased over the counter at any pharmacy and is not custom fit to your teeth. While this type of mouthguard is better than no protection, it is not as good as a custom fit mouthguard made specifically for your teeth at your dental office. At Simcoe Family Dentistry we use the Pro-Form brand of sport mouthguard which is slightly thicker than other brands and offers a superior level of comfort as well as a great choice of colours and patterns.

How is a custom mouthguard made?

The custom mouthguard is made by having a qualified dental professional such as a dental assistant or a dental hygienist take an impression of your teeth. The impression is then poured up to make a model so that a guard may be made to fit the model. A custom fit ensures your teeth are well protected against trauma and the chance of you losing a tooth is greatly reduced.

For only $50 (a $150 savings!) we will make you a custom mouthguard to protect your smile and prevent sports related dental emergencies. Please give us a call at (705) 792-0079 to book your appointment! Just in time for back to sports, we are offering a reduced cost sport mouthguard clinic at our office in Barrie.