Emergency Dentist in Barrie

How to Choose an Emergency Dentist in Barrie

Need an Emergency Dentist in Barrie? A dental emergency is a very serious problem. Dental emergencies are often a result of a cracked, broken or knocked-out tooth or a swelling in the mouth related to an infection. When an emergency arises, it is imperative that you find a dental professional who is able to help you as soon as possible. How should you find an emergency dentist?

  1. Try Google. You should be able to find a few offices in your area that save room in the day specifically for patients who are having a dental emergency.  Give them a call to see how quickly they can get you in.
  2. Check Reviews. See what other patients are saying about the dental team. Having great reviews means that the dentist and team have made the majority of their patients happy with the treatment they have received. See if the reviews have mentioned dental emergency services and if the patients were seen promptly.
  3. Ask Your Friends or Family. Your friends and family love you! They will give you their honest recommendation based on who they trust with their oral health. The people you know will direct you to an office that is caring and warm, after all, that is why they go there!

If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Barrie, please consider calling Simcoe Family Dentistry in Barrie. We save time within our schedule specifically for emergencies. Our team is warm and welcoming and will immediately put you at ease and get you out of pain. We are ready to help you in any dental emergency!