Fluoride – Is it the Right Choice for You?

Fluoride – Is it the Right Choice for You?

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion lately about what fluoride is, and why it is recommended. With the differing opinions readily available on the internet, it is often hard to determine good information from bad. Our dental professionals at Simcoe Family Dentistry (as well as the Canadian Dental Association) often recommend a fluoride varnish treatment for our patients. Why? Because over the last 50 years there has been extensive research proving the safety and effectiveness of fluoride in the reduction of dental caries or cavities.

Factors That May Put You at a Higher Risk for Dental Cavities:

– Teeth that have had to be removed due to large cavities within the last 36 months
– Diet high in sugar and acidic foods
– Dry mouth (please see our blog about Xerostomia)
– Recent cavities
– Chemotherapy or Radiation
– Inability to perform adequate plaque removal due to physical or mental limitations
– Drug or alcohol use
– Gum recession
– Inconsistent oral hygiene

Your dentist and dental hygienist have gone through an extensive education to learn to assess your cavity risk and to be able to recommend to you the treatment that would most help. If you have been experiencing any of the factors associated with a higher risk for getting a cavity, it will be recommended that you have an in-office fluoride application (we use varnish at this office), begin to use a high fluoride toothpaste or rinse, or a combination of the two. Our goal, as always, is prevention. We would much rather help you to prevent dental cavities by educating and informing you about available preventive options than to treat a cavity with a filling that could have been prevented. We would love to welcome any questions you may have about fluoride or any of our other blog topics!