Oral Piercings – Are You Putting the Health of Your Teeth at Risk?

Oral Piercings – Are You Putting the Health of Your Teeth at Risk?

Tongue and lip piercings have become more popular in recent years.  As dental professionals, we see many patients with mouth jewelry – and the risks to the teeth associated with this form of self expression.

What are the risks?

  1. First of all, tattoo and piercing shops are not regulated by Health Canada.  Please do your research if you have decided to go ahead with an oral piercing and choose a shop that is clean, uses autoclavable or disposable instruments and where the staff seems knowledgeable about infection prevention.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions – this is your health!
  2. Tongue and lip rings have been known to cause damage such as chipping and fractures to the teeth they are close to. We see this damage all the time.
  3. Oral jewelry has been known to collect and harbour plaque and bacteria. This increases the risk of periodontal or gum disease as well as the risk for developing cavities.

You can see the many risks associated with oral piercings.  Is it worth it?  Please discuss this with your dentist or dental hygienist prior to making a decision you might find costly (both for your health and your pocket book) in the future.  We love to answer any questions related to this or any other hot dental topic!
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