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Revitalize your smile in Barrie with Simcoe Family Dentistry! Lost a tooth? We’ve got you covered with premier dental implants in Barrie. Embrace the confidence to chew, talk, and smile without hesitation.

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Dental Implants Explained:

Our cutting-edge implants blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, offering the pinnacle in tooth replacement. Crafted from a titanium rod, an abutment, and a crown, our expert team ensures a match indistinguishable from your own teeth.

The Process:

Our thorough two-stage, 4-6 month procedure guarantees outstanding outcomes. Starting with a 3D bone scan, we assess and prepare your jaw for the implant, possibly enhancing it with bone grafting if needed. Precision is key, and we use the latest technology to ensure your implant is perfectly placed.

Implant Placement & Healing:

Experience a virtually pain-free procedure with our skilled use of local anesthesia. Post-implant, we recommend gentle care during the integration phase, which may include a temporary crown to protect the implant as it fuses with your jawbone.

Crowning Glory:

Once healed, we secure your permanent crown, marvel at its natural look and feel, and celebrate the full restoration of your smile.

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