Flossing Challenge

Are You Up For Our Flossing Challenge?

Are you up for a flossing challenge? We all know how important flossing is to not only your oral health but your overall health. If you have forgotten, have a look right at our flossing blog! Even though we know we need to floss, our hygienists report the most common response to the question “How often are you flossing?” is “Not nearly enough!”

This brings us to our flossing challenge! We challenge you to increase your flossing by twice as much. If you are regularly flossing once per week, increase to twice, if you are flossing twice, increase to four times.  What is the prize for this challenge? We can just about guarantee that our hygienists Jess and Janet will be able to tell that your gums are healthier due to you having less bleeding during your next regular dental hygiene visit. When looking at how your overall health is associated with oral health, less bleeding in your gums is priceless!

P.S. Flossing can mean using other methods of getting between the teeth as well – check out this blog on alternatives to flossing!