Sparkly Fillings for Baby Teeth

The New Kid on the Block – Coloured, Sparkly Fillings for Baby Teeth

Did you know that sparkly fillings for baby teeth are a thing? Does your child need a filling in a primary tooth? We now have the option of sparkly, coloured fillings for use in children! Not only does this make kids excited about coming to the dentist, but it will make keeping their teeth clean fun as well!

Reasons to choose a sparkly coloured filling:

1. Having a choice of colour enables a child to feel that part of the appointment is in their control. This can do wonders for how the child handles the appointment.
2. Having a sparkly filling is a great reminder for a child to do their best in keeping their other teeth sparkly clean!
3. Choosing a colour may provide just enough distraction to ease any anxiety about the appointment.

If your child does need a filling at our office, you will be given the choice of regular tooth-colour or sparkly fillings for baby teeth with one of our exciting new Twinky Star shades. We love a product that helps to keep kids excited about oral health!