Laser Therapy Available at the Dental Clinic in Barrie

Laser Therapy Available at the Dental Clinic in Barrie

There is a newer kid on the block when it comes to innovative dental tools – and now it is available at your favourite dental clinic in Barrie! The diode laser we use can be applied in a variety of ways during a dental appointment with very little (if any) discomfort to the patient. In our office, our laser is used by our dentist as well as our hygienists.

What can we do with the diode laser?

Treatment of gum disease.

The diode laser can be used on a very low, controlled setting to essentially sterilize the gum pockets surrounding the teeth. The disposable laser tip is “walked” around the gum pocket using a non-initiated tip (non-cutting) to blast away bacteria. Our patients often notice a gentle warmth during the treatment that is less invasive than when we measure your gum pockets. We have seen great results in terms of less bleeding and a reduction in pocket depths!

Treatment of canker sores and cold sores.

In a similar manner to the treatment of gum disease, the laser can be used to not only reduce the symptoms of cold sores and cankers, but lessen the time it takes to heal. In the case of cold sores, laser therapy kills the virus in the treated nerve branch which will means the cold sore will not likely return in that area.

Gum recontouring.

Occasionally, for a variety of reasons, there is an overgrowth of gum tissue. This may be related to wisdom teeth eruption or caused by certain conditions or medications. In severe cases, gingival overgrowth may be caused by chronic inflammation or severe gingivitis. The laser is used to remove excess tissue while cauterizing at the same time. Your dentist will freeze the area to be treated and you will not likely need stiches after the procedure, which results in a fast healing time compared to traditional surgery with a scalpel.

Relieving “tongue tie”.

A common problem in children (as well as adults) is tongue or lip tie.  This is when the very strong muscle attachment under the tongue or from the lip to the gum tissues is actually impeding speech, causing recession or causing a gap in the teeth. The laser may be used by the dentist to release the strong muscle while cauterizing at the same time just as in gum recontouring and the same benefits over traditional scalpel surgery apply.

Do you feel that you or someone you know may benefit from laser therapy in dentistry? We would love to help answer any questions you may have or have you in for an exam to assess your individual needs.
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