Your Tongue, AKA Bacteria’s Favourite Place to Hide!

Your Tongue, AKA Bacteria’s Favourite Place to Hide!

Did you realize that your tongue is aka bacterias’ favourite place to hide. When was the last time you brushed or scraped your tongue? Did you even know that you should? Your tongue is full of little grooves and folds where cavity- and gum disease-causing bacteria love to hang out and cause bad breath!

How to effectively clean your tongue:

  1. Choose your weapon! There are a few options here. You can purchase a tool called a tongue scraper, which is not nearly as scary as it sounds. Alternatively, you could use the rough patch on the back of some toothbrushes, or even your toothbrush bristles.
  2. Brush your tongue! Whether you choose your toothbrush or a special tongue scraper, the key is to be very gentle and to go from the back of your tongue to the front. No need to scrub, in fact that will hurt! Just a gentle back to front motion and your tongue will be clean!

A tongue scraper and the skill to use it are great tools to have in your arsenal to fight cavities, gum disease and bad breath. As always, our passion at Simcoe Family Dentistry is your healthy smile! We love to provide tips and tricks to stay healthy on the inside and out. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram as well as this blog for all things related to oral health!