UV Lights

UV Lights – What’s That Glow?

While UV environmental disinfection is certainly not a new technology, UV lights have been gaining more popularity during the current pandemic. We thought we would give an interesting update on why our dental office has chosen to use this technology as an added measure to help keep our environment safe for our patients as well as for our team.

Studies have shown that UV light can drastically reduce airborne pathogens in the environment where it is operated. UV light will reduce bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals and are simple to use. In fact, UV lights are commonly used in hospital surgical suites to reduce and even eliminate environmental pathogens. UV light does not replace manual and chemical disinfection of our treatment rooms in the case of our dental office, but instead is used as an additional feature to help keep our environment clean.  Our UV lights are operated in a closed room and away from any person.

Our team is extremely proud of the way we keep ourselves and our patients safe during the time of COVID-19 and on a regular basis. We welcome and encourage any questions you may have regarding the policies and procedures we have in place!