Mouthwash – Should I Add it to my Oral Health Routine?

Mouthwash – Should I Add it to my Oral Health Routine?

You brush and floss regularly but still wonder – is there something more I can do to help keep my teeth and gums healthy?  The short answer is “yes” and could be as easy as introducing a mouthwash to your regular routine! With all of the choices on the market, we though we would put together a short list of pros and cons to help make your decision easier.


This is often the name brand that first comes to mind when thinking about a mouthwash.  Listerine can be great, as long as you choose the right one!  Please make sure the mouthwash you decide on is alcohol-free.  This is extremely important as a mouthwash with alcohol can dry the gum tissues out.  Listerine’s alcohol-free line is called Listerine Zero.

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief

This is an excellent choice if you have sensitivity.  Although some complain about the texture or the taste, we feel this mouthwash more than makes up for it by really helping with sensitivity.  Used only once per day, preferably right before bed, you will have to swish for 60 seconds, which is a little bit longer than most rinses.


This high fluoride, pleasant tasting rinse really helps to reduce cavity risk.  If you have a dry mouth, or have gotten a cavity in the last year, this rinse is the one that we will recommend.


Another popular one due to mass media campaigns.  Scope is a breath freshener only.  It does not claim to kill bacteria that causes gingivitis (like Listerine) or contain fluoride to help to reduce cavities.  It also has alcohol listed as an active ingredient, which may cause a dry mouth.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have or provide any advice based on your unique oral health condition.  While our Dr Mikhail and our hygienists usually do recommend adding a rinse to your routine, it is imperative you choose the right one.  We are here to help!