An Amazing Review of our Barrie Dental Office!

An Amazing Review of our Barrie Dental Office!

We love to get an amazing review because we take pride in what we do and we certainly hope that it shows.  We regularly receive amazing Google reviews and wanted to share one from earlier this year …

Let me tell you what an absolute pleasure it was visiting this team of professionals! I desperately needed to find a reliable, trustworthy dentist as I was convinced my last two dentists traumatized my point of view of going to the dentist overall. I was referred by my sibling to visit this this clinic as they had previously left with an amazing experience.

We drove all the way from Toronto to Barrie on a Wednesday evening through rush hour and I’d be happy to do it all over again for my next cleaning (yes, it’s already booked and locked in!). Shout out to Doctor Pliousnine (Dentist), Sarah, and Janet (Dental Hygienist) for being so patient and understanding of my needs. I highly recommend entrusting this team of professionals on your oral hygiene.

J. Lee

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In this day and age, most of our new patients find us by doing a Google search.  This online feedback is often the deciding factor in a new patient booking and appointment with us rather than one of the other 99 Barrie dental offices.  We also post any feedback in our team breakroom as we feel it is so important for our team to know what kind of an impact we make to our patient’s lives.  Thank you so much to our patients who have left a review on Facebook, Google, or any other platform… you give us a real sense of purpose and pride in what we do!