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Back To School Contest

Contest Time! It is almost time to go Back to School! At Simcoe Family Dentistry (your favorite Barrie dentist!), we thought we would help you celebrate with a chance to win a $50 Gift Card for some back to school shopping! You have 3 chances for a ballot...


Week 4 of “2 Truths and a Lie”

We are halfway through our contest, which means you still have 3 chances to earn points towards winning the $100 Keg Giftcard! Remember how to play? One of our team members will give 3 statements about his or herself. One will be a lie! Your job is to head on over to Instagram or Facebook and choose which is the lie by commenting on the post.


Our First Annual Food Drive Was a Great Success!

Thank you so very much to our patients who participated in our first annual Christmas Food Drive! We are excited to report that we were able to donate over 100 pounds of non-perishable items to the Barrie Food Bank! Over the course of six weeks leading up to Christmas, we had patients from near and far stop in to drop off a donation.


“2 Truths & a Lie” Contest – Sarah

Sarah is up first! Here we go! Which statement about Sarah is not true??? 1 - She has never been on the Wall of China. 2 - Sarah has never eaten raw eel. 3 - Sarah has a twin. Let’s see how well you know Sarah! Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram account to play along. The commenting will be active until Sunday for this first post! Remember, a $100 Keg giftcard is up for grabs to whomever gets the most points!


Launching First Fun Contest on Instagram and Facebook

We are kicking off a fun little game called “2 Truths and a Lie” at Simcoe Family Dentistry! The game will be played over the course of 6 weeks so that our entire team gets a chance to participate. How do you play you ask??? It is easy! Every Friday, or team members will take turns by revealing 3 pieces of information about themselves.