The Role of HEPA Filtration

The Air We Breathe – The Role of HEPA Filtration in the Dental Office

The Role of HEPA Filtration has really come to the forefront, over the last few months, as we were in preparations for re-opening in this new world of Covid-19, Dr Mikhail has been consulting with experts in order to make Simcoe Family Dentistry a safe place to have dental treatment even during these uncertain times.  Although high standards of infection prevention and control have always been our focus, Dr Mikhail has been looking at ways to make our environment even safer for patients as well as our team.

Medical grade HEPA filtration units made by AustinAir were decided upon to help to keep the air we breathe clean.  The filtration units have been installed in each treatment room as well as one in our reception area.  These units not only remove larger irritants like mold, spores and pollen, but they also effectively filter smaller particles such as bacteria and viruses.  As an added bonus, our entire team has noticed that our office is much cooler due to the improved air circulation!

Our main goal, as always is the safety of our patients and our team.  We feel that this is a wonderful addition to our arsenal in helping to keep our environment clean and why the role of HEPA filtration is so important.