I Think I am Having a Dental Emergency – What Now?

I Think I am Having a Dental Emergency – What Now?

Our dental office has certainly seen an influx in dental emergency appointments in recent weeks. After months of not being able to receive dental treatment due to the pandemic, many are just now addressing the issues that may have gotten more serious over time. Many of our emergency dental patients are a bit nervous before their initial appointment, so we thought we would outline what to expect here!

Your dental care at our office starts with the very first phone call. Either Sarah or Janet, our two administrators, will ask you many questions to get to the bottom of your dental concern.

Please be ready to provide the answer to the following questions:

  1. Is there pain?
  2. How would you describe the pain?
  3. What brings it on?
  4. Is there swelling
  5. Where is the pain or swelling, left, right, top or bottom?
  6. Is the pain affecting your sleep at night?

Answering these questions will allow our clinical team to have an idea of which xray may be needed as well as giving us a clue as to what has caused the dental pain.

What now?

After narrowing down the location and nature of the emergency, we will go through our COVID-19 screening protocols, and find an appointment for you.

At your appointment, Dr Mikhail and Bonnie will give you a thorough assessment including any necessary xrays and a clinical exam. Dr Mikhail will explain what is going on and why you are having a dental emergency. He will work with you to give you everything you need to make an informed decision about your treatment. There may be more than one option for treatment and our team believes that we are the patient’s partners in helping to determine which would be the best option in the individual circumstance. This is the stage where questions are not only welcomed, but encouraged. There are no bad questions.

Finally, at this initial appointment, we will do what is necessary to get you out of pain. The final treatment may need to wait at least a few days if infection is present and an antibiotic needs to be prescribed. Our main goal will be to reduce or eliminate your pain.

If you are having a dental emergency in Barrie, or anywhere outside of Barrie, please contact us! Our team is here to help. Your healthy smile is our passion!