A cracked tooth in a mouth experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic: Hard on your Teeth!

A disturbing trend has been emerging during the Covid-19 pandemic, noticed by dentists across North America.  Offices have been seeing far more broken and cracked teeth since the start of the pandemic.  What could be causing this phenomenon?  Likely one of a few factors…

Grinding or clenching related to stress.

Stress-related to the pandemic is on the rise.  Money stress, job stress and stress related to worrying about yourself or a loved one contracting the disease can result in grinding and clenching.   Grinding and clenching can cause significant damage to the teeth – even cracks!

Depression and anxiety.

Many are experiencing depression right now related directly to the pandemic.  Some are isolated from their families, have lost a job and are worried about finances, or are experiencing high anxiety levels brought on by this disease.  Typical medications for anxiety and depression can cause dry mouth resulting in a higher risk of cavities.  When a tooth is compromised by a cavity, it is at a higher risk of fracturing.  Sometimes those with depression and anxiety have a hard time with carrying out the day to day routine of brushing and flossing.  This may also affect the health of the teeth and could be a potential cause for fractures.

Change in nutrition.

This has been a very strange time for most people.  Some are choosing to limit their frequency of grocery shopping to reduce exposure and eating more ready prepared foods that are not as nutritious.  Some are finding it hard to make ends meet and find that cutting the grocery bill helps.  A change in nutrition can result in the teeth being more prone to both gum inflammation and cavities, again resulting in a higher risk for tooth fracture.

At Simcoe Family Dentistry, we are here to help!  If you or someone you know is having a dental emergency related to a broken tooth, please give us a call at (705) 792-0079.  We will be able to direct you as to what your next step should be and we will find an appointment for you to have the tooth assessed.  If you feel you are placing added stress on your teeth and thankfully have not yet broken anything, let us know as we may have a solution to help. Stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic!